• 6月 15, 2018

Plastic water bottles may be harming you as well as the enviroment

Plastic water bottles may be harming you as well as the enviroment

Plastic water bottles may be harming you as well as the enviroment 1024 576 Pure Maple Water

Sure, plastic water bottles are convenient. Plastic comes in handy for many things, and it can be hard to believe we could live without it. Just look around your household and you quickly grasp how common it is. However, plastic also has a dark side.

Most children’s toys are made out of plastic and it would be hard to argue the effectiveness of this usage. Your carpet flooring is composed from plastic fibers. A great deal of the inside of your car consists of plastic material. Although the world is moving towards reducing the amount of plastic used in packaging, it may never be possible to remove it entirely because it is just so darn useful.

Likewise, it is convenient to buy bottled water and take it wherever you go. Bottled water is easy to transport and efficient for merchants when it comes to packaging water.

But plastic bottles have serious drawbacks.

Not only is the plastic used for these bottled waters damaging to the environment, but it also is detrimental to your health. More than 1,500 plastic water bottles are thrown away every second in just the United States alone. Only about 20 to 25 percent of these bottles actually get recycled. The rest clutter up landfills and harm our precious environment. 150 million tons of plastic are currently floating in the ocean and this number is growing rapidly.

plastic waste is ruining the environment

Orcas, whales and other ocean creatures have been found with their stomachs filled with plastic. Some parts of the ocean are littered with so many plastic bottles and other floating plastic waste that huge areas are almost a land mass.

Only one in five plastic water bottles are recycled

Have you ever noticed a discarded plastic bottle on the side of the road as you head to work? You’re going to be seeing it for a long time since it takes 1,000 years for it to fully decompose on its own. Our oceans are full of plastic water bottles and it is devastating to not just the environment, but the living things in it. The problem is not going away any time soon, and solving this crisis is a huge challenge.

You may be ingesting plastic

If that wasn’t bad enough, the water from major bottled water companies has been reported to contain tiny plastic particles. We are ingesting plastic even while drinking water! Microplastic particles are entering our bodies when we drink from plastic water bottles, and scientists are unsure what exactly this is doing to us.

Pure Maple Water is sold in environmentally friendly packagingThere are steps you can take to prevent yourself from ingesting these microplastic particles in your drinking water.

For one, switch over to Pure Maple Water instead. Not only does it contain amino acids, electrolytes, antioxidants, and minerals, but it also comes in environmentally and health-friendly packaging.

Switch over to a water brand that not only delivers flavorful water, but also protects the environment and the living creatures in it.