• December 4, 2019

With Winter here, load up on Vitamin D for mental health

With Winter here, load up on Vitamin D for mental health

With Winter here, load up on Vitamin D for mental health 1024 576 Pure Maple Water

Do you often feel the winter blahs when cold weather starts to creep into your life? If you get this feeling during the winter, just realize you are not alone.

Seasonal affective disorder (appropriately named SAD) is a common form of depression that begins in late fall and usually hovers around until it becomes much warmer in late spring or even summer. It can affect up to a quarter of the population and is said to be found up to four times more often in women.

One of the main culprits for this mental health concern is a lack of vitamin D.

Lack of Vitamin D Is Doing You in

Your body is an amazing contraption. Just like solar panels can gain energy from the sun, your body does something very similar. When your skin is exposed to sunlight, it actually produces vitamin D.

Vitamin D is responsible for strong bones, healthy teeth, maintaining and operating a strong immune system, nervous system, and brain function. On top of all of this, vitamin D regulates insulin levels, lung function, and cardiovascular wellness, too. And as we previously mentioned, a lack of vitamin D can also bring on depression.

When the cold weather hits and you are no longer out in the sun for an hour or two a day, your immune system and your mental health can take a hit.

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Consider Adding a Vitamin D Daily Supplement

There are a few things you can do to avoid the winter blahs. One is to take a vitamin D daily supplement since your body is no longer getting vitamin D from the sun in the arctic weather. These supplements are inexpensive and easy to work into your daily routine.

Staying hydrated during winter can also help hold off the winter blues. People generally drink much less water during the winter as they don’t feel as thirsty as they do in the hot weather. However, it is important to stay hydrated as it will help with thinking clearly. Pure Maple Water is packed with amino acids, electrolytes, minerals, and antioxidants that will keep you feeling strong even during the coldest months.

In addition, exercise can help stave off depression as well. Once your blood starts to circulate it releases endorphins in the brain that will have you feeling like you can conquer the world once again. By taking a vitamin D supplement, staying hydrated, and sticking to an exercise routine during the winter, you can hold SAD at bay until you can see the sun once again.