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Created by nature.
Discovered by good fortune.

Maple Water, as the story goes, was discovered by First Nations people who noticed squirrels drinking from the trunks of sugar maple trees in Quebec’s luscious Great Laurentian Forest.

Trying it for themselves, they found a delightfully crisp source of clean, fresh water with a sweet maple flavour.

Using it as a source of drinking water was ignored due to the easy availability of fresh water which involved a lot less work to access. But First Nations people used it as a tonic as well as relying on maple water during times of drought and famine.

Eventually, maple water became popular as the base water to make maple syrup by boiling it and distilling the high quality syrup that this production process ultimately achieved. Maple syrup became a huge industry that continues today and is governed by strict regulation to ensure sustainability and safety standards. A special kind of non-damaging tap known as a “spile” is put into the trees to collect the water. What comes out of the tap is not syrup but 100% pure water. Production is controlled and carefully managed.

Only after other plant-based waters like coconut water became popular did people once again look at the water that came out of maple trees as a natural beverage suitable for any hydration needs and especially for athletic replenishment due to the electrolytes and other health benefits it provides. Thus, Pure Maple Water was born as a new, commercially available product.

Pure Maple Water is NAPSI certified to ensure the authenticity and quality of maple water.

Pure Maple Water is Certified Organic as a sustainably harvested, 100% renewable organic product.

Natural hydration source

Maple Water is 100% pureMaple Water is completely pure, with no additives or preservatives. It contains 46 bioactive compounds including minerals. Maple Water is especially valuable for athletes as it contains electrolytes and antioxidants such as polyphenols that can help replace those lost during athletic exertion. It contains 11 amino and organic acids that can help boost immune health, aid recovery and act as a prebiotic. Maple Water also contains abscisic acid (ABA), a plant hormone that may help to balance blood sugar levels.

With just 20 calories per serving, it’s better for you than alternatives like coconut water or artificially sweetened sports drinks.

Maple Water is clear, light and refreshing. It has a sweet and subtle hint of maple that makes it taste like a sugar-sweetened beverage, yet with no actual sugars of any kind involved.



Pure Maple Water is the ideal choice for hydration after a workout. It contains electrolytes and other bioactive compounds to help you recover. Maple Water contains abscisic acid (ABA), a plant hormone that may help to balance blood sugar levels.



Pure Maple Water is a great tasting option anytime you want a crisp, sweet tasting alternative to soft drinks or artificially sweetened water. Serve it as a classier alternative when you have guests.



Pure Maple Water can be used to make coffee, tea, smoothies or cocktails. You can also try cooking oatmeal or other grains in the waters for a fun twist. As minerals aren’t destroyed by heat, warming the water won’t kill its nutritional properties.



You owe it to yourself to give Maple Water a try. You’ll be delighted by the fresh, clean taste with a hint of maple. Delicious, yet completely natural with no added sugar or preservatives of any kind. Available at these and other fine retailers.



Take the Purity Test to see how your favourite hydration beverage measures up to Pure Maple Water. You might be surprised at the result!