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Maple Water is produced inside maple trees, specifically the sugar maple trees found in Quebec’s Great Laurentian Forest, one of the best preserved and most spectacular forests in the world. Learn more about how it is made here.

The story is that maple water was originally discovered by First Nations people who observed squirrels drinking from the trunk of a maple tree.

Maple Water is 100% pure, a natural product purified inside the tree during the winter months. The water is drawn up into the tree to protect the branches from freezing, then flows down inside the trunk when the weather warms up in spring, where it is collected through special taps that don’t harm the trees. It is organic, non-GMO, and a natural source of 46 bioactive compounds including electrolytes, phytonutrients, minerals as well as amino and organic acids known to help boost immune health.

Maple Water tastes clean and crisp, with a subtle yet sweet maple finish. Although it tastes as if it has some sugar added, there are no sweeteners or additives involved.

Certified Pure Organic


Maple Water contains about 20 calories per serving. This is less than half what you get in unsweetened coconut water, and considerably less than found in sports drinks, fruit juices or sweetened beverages.

100% pure maple water contains over 46 bioactive nutrients, including phytonutrients unique to tree waters. These nutrients, including more than 25 phytonutrients, 9 minerals, 11 amino & organic acids, are known to help boost immune health, aid in the prevention of degenerative diseases and act as a prebiotic to support digestive health.

Maple Water has no additives or preservatives of any kind. It is Certified Organic by CertCanada, and is a sustainably harvested, 100% renewable product. It is NAPSI certified as well to ensure authenticity and quality. Only the highest level of harvesting criteria are followed to ensure long-term viability of the harvesting process.

Using Maple Water


To further help preserve the environment, we ship Pure Maple Water only in recyclable tetra packs. The packages contain an easy-to-use closeable screw cap.

The Tetra Packs are vacuum sealed and can be stored at room temperature for a reasonable amount of time until opened. Refrigerate after opening and consume within two weeks of opening.

Maple Water is an organic product and does eventually expire. Unopened Tetra Packs can be stored for up to two years. After opening, store in the fridge and consume within two weeks.

Maple Water is great as a pure hydration source, especially after a workout because it helps replace electrolytes lost during exercise. But it’s also great when used for entertaining, including as water for coffee, or when used to make oatmeal. Because it doesn’t contain sugar, the flavour isn’t affected by heat. This makes it a great choice for adding some refreshing taste when cooking.